Jan Müller

I am originally from Germany, where I studied Chemistry at the University of Münster. During my bachelor’s and master’s studies, I discovered my fascination for biochemistry and molecular biology research, which is why I decided to do my Ph.D. in molecular biology in the Klempnauer group in Münster. During my Ph.D., I identified a new co-translational quality control mechanism for kinases and investigated the translational regulation of tumor suppressor HipK2 by different oncogenic RNA-binding proteins. In March 2022, I joined the Leidel lab as a Post‑Doc focusing on the role of mcm5U- and mcm5s2U tRNA modifications in the context of neurological diseases. In the lab, I enjoy doing Western blots and ribosome profiling the most. Outside the lab, I like to go running, hiking in the beautiful landscape of Switzerland, or doing acrobatics.

Lab N415, Office N427
Phone: +41 31 684 42 45 / 42 84