Ekaterina Shvetsova

I did my Bachelors’s and Masters’s studies in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics at Moscow State University. During my master’s project, I worked on rRNA modifications of the mitochondrial ribosome. To learn about science outside Russia, my country of origin, I participated in many international internships during my undergrad: I spent summers in Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.
These exciting experiences inspired me and helped pave the way to my Ph.D. in Bern, in the group of Sebastian Leidel. Here I work on deciphering the acute response of yeast cells to rapid codon-specific changes in translation efficiency. In the lab, I enjoy diving into freshly obtained data, learning about the discoveries of lab colleagues, and designing illustrations for posters and presentation slides.
In my spare time, I am a true hobby enthusiast: I tried various arts and crafts over the years and I constantly find new hobbies to master. Currently, I enjoy sewing, crocheting (a return to one of my favorite crafts since childhood), and dancing flamenco. Another big part of my life outside the lab is music: it helps me get through the day and I really enjoy going to concerts with my friends.

Lab N415, Office N427
Phone: +41 31 684 42 45 / 42 84