Anna Kusnierczyk

I have Polish roots and was living in Norway before moving to Switzerland. For many years my professional development was connected to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where I also got my Ph.D. Initially, I focused on investigating plant-aphids interactions, then moved on to DNA/RNA biology field, and finally joined Proteomics and Modomics Core Facility (PROMEC) team led by Prof. Geir Slupphaug. At PROMEC I was contributing to the development of HPLC-MS/MS-based methods for the quantification of DNA and RNA modifications and delivering custom-tailored analyses for many national and international research communities. At Prof. Sebastian Leidel’s group, I am responsible for establishing a pipeline for MS-based analyses of nucleic acid modifications providing support for various research projects.
I love spending my free time on sup or kayak, admiring views from mountain tops or simply walking in nature. I am a cat lover and like handcrafts.

Lab N415, Office N427
Phone: +41 31 684 42 45 / 42 84